Aries little birthstone helpers

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the most demanding and competitive of them all. If you know an Aries (or if you are an Aries), you know they’re a bundle of Mars-driven energy and ambition. Aries are irresistible and adorable, making them popular, admired, and successful—except when they self-sabotage their efforts. Yeah, they get bored and distracted real easy.

If you’re an Aries looking for ways to balance out negative traits while retaining positive ones, this blog post is for you! Let's explore the traditional birthstone of Aries—the diamond—and some healing crystals that are particularly beneficial for this sign. Think of these gemstones as beautiful helpers that remind you how to live your best life. Here, we’ve picked out the ones that are the best fit for Aries’ energy.

Aries Birthstones

  1. Diamond Jewelry - Aries Lucky Stone!
  2. Aquamarine Jewelry - Compassionate and calm energy
  3. Amethyst Jewelry - Serene and spiritual
  4. Citrine Jewelry - Your personal gem cheerleader! Encourages wealth and prosperity
  5. Garnet Jewelry - brings courage and hope
  6. Ruby Jewelry - passion and purity
  7. Topaz Jewelry - works with the throat chakra and promotes emotional balancing and healing.
  8. Sapphire Jewelry - relieving mental tensions, negative moods, and thoughts

Top 3 Healing Aries Birthstones

  1. Amethyst - Irritable? Mood swings? Aries, babe, you need some amethyst in your life. This stone is about dispelling anger and stress and helping you find your balance so that you can keep working hard and achieve all your goals worry-free.
  2. Citrine is an excellent gem for Aries because it’s all about healing and positive energy. Aries are driven and want to succeed, so having a little citrine on hand can help them attract success and wealth into their lives. Citrine helps to strengthen one’s intellect and grants Aries the creative energy necessary to thrive.
  3. Aquamarine - Aquamarine is a beautiful stone, but especially for Aries. This gentle stone helps to clear the mind, relieve stress and encourage peace—ideal for bringing fiery Aries back down to earth when they lose their temper. Aries aren’t great at going with the flow, but with a bit of aquamarine on standby, they can learn to be flexible in their endeavors.