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The Story of Amethyst Jewelry

Amidst the vast tapestry of gemstones, amethyst shines with an ethereal allure that captivates the soul. Known for its exquisite beauty and profound symbolism, amethyst jewelry transcends mere adornment, embodying sentiments of love, appreciation, and gratitude. As we embark on a journey through the enchanting world of amethyst jewelry, let us uncover its origins, significance, and why it remains a cherished gift for discerning individuals.

Why is amethyst February's birthstone?

The legend is that St. Valentine wore an amethyst ring carved with Cupid's portrait. This may be why the amethyst has always been the birthstone for February as it signifies love, amongst its other believed properties.

Amethyst Jewelry's Past

Ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans, adorned themselves with amethyst jewelry as symbols of protection, clarity, and enlightenment. In medieval times, amethyst was considered a talisman against intoxication and addiction, earning it the moniker "Sobriety Stone."

Fun Amethyst Facts:

  • Amethyst was once rare and reserved for royalty.
  • Amethyst is now the most popular gemstone - thanks to large deposits found in Brazil making amethyst more affordable.

Metaphysical and Healing Properties:

  • Amethyst is said to enhance spiritual awareness, promote tranquility, and soothe the mind and body.
  • Amethyst is thought to alleviate stress, anxiety, and negative energy, fostering a sense of inner harmony and balance.
  • Amethysts are considered the travelers stone. A symbol of sincerity, security and peace-of-mind, amethyst are said to help a traveler find their way.

Which zodiac signs should wear amethyst jewelry?

  • Amethyst is traditionally associated with the zodiac sign of Aquarius, as it is believed to enhance their intuitive abilities and foster a deeper connection with the spiritual realm.
  • Individuals of all astrological backgrounds can benefit from the positive energies of amethyst.

Exploring Amethyst's Worth:

Is amethyst worth the investment? While amethyst may not command the same price as other gemstones like diamonds or rubies, its beauty and significance make it a valuable addition to any jewelry collection. With proper care and maintenance, amethyst jewelry can be cherished for generations to come, making it a worthwhile investment in sentimental value.

Authenticating Amethyst Stones:

How can one verify the authenticity of amethyst stones? Authentic amethyst typically exhibits rich, vibrant violet hues with clarity and brilliance. Consulting with reputable jewelers and requesting certification from trusted gemological laboratories can help ensure the authenticity and quality of amethyst jewelry.

Amethyst jewelry care

  • Amethyst is rated “good” for everyday wear. 
  • Avoid contact with chemicals. 
  • Gently scrub with a soft toothbrush and a solution of mild dish soap and warm water to clean.