Are you looking for white topaz jewelry?  Know that white topaz jewelry is a lovely gift because the gems are easy to style and wear.  Crystal clear white topaz jewelry is always a welcomed gift for those born in April!  It is not only an eternal trend; it’s an expression of gratitude and a symbol of life’s most precious moments. 

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Why Give White Topaz to Your favorite April baby?

  • White topaz jewelry is all about glimmer and shimmer. It will make you feel like a goddess.
  • White topaz is the purest form of topaz, sure to dazzle any gem snob.
  • White topaz’s clear sparkle makes it the perfect substitute for diamond (April’s official and much more spendy birthstone).
  • Celebrate April birthdays with the gift of April birthstone jewelry. 

About White Topaz the Gemstone

White topaz jewelry care

Topaz is rated “good” for everyday wear.  First, avoid direct sunlight and exposure to heat.  Second, avoid contact with chemicals.  Finally,  gently scrub with a soft toothbrush and a solution of mild dish soap and warm water to clean.

What is white topaz made of?

White Topaz is made of Aluminum Hydroxyl-Fluorine Silicate.

Where is white topaz found?

Topaz is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa, Mexico and Maine, Utah, and Colorado. Our topaz is ethically mined and hand-selected for maximum brilliance.

What does white topaz symbolize?

White Topaz is known as the stone of awareness.  White Topaz empowers you to support clear thoughts, aid in orderly approaches, and bring out your individuality.  Additionally, this stone’s magnification energy makes it the stone of manifestation.

White Topaz Trivia

Many cultures believe topaz will protect its wearer from greed. The ancient Greeks believed topaz-bestowed strength.  The Greeks wore white topaz as an amulet to ward off enchantment, dispel sadness and strengthen intellect.

Is white topaz a good diamond substitute?

Yes, white topaz is a fantastic substitute for diamonds.  It is a hard stone that you can wear everyday.  White topaz is clear and sparkly just like diamonds.  The best part about white topaz is that it is affordable!  White topaz jewelry is the perfect gift for your favorite April baby.

  1.  It’s meaningful.  Birthstone jewelry marks the most exciting time in life – your birthday and that of those you love.
  2. It goes with EVERYTHING.
  3. It’s affordable (Thank God)
  4. It comes beautifully packaged – no wrapping necessary.

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