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April Birthstone Jewelry

April's birthstone is the diamond, a gemstone renowned for its brilliance, clarity, and durability.

Why the Diamond?

Both Aries and Taurus, the zodiac signs associated with April, are recognized for their industriousness, resilience, and autonomy, qualities reflective of the rejuvenation witnessed in spring.

Coincidentally, during the Middle Ages, scholars often linked such attributes with diamonds.

Looking for a gift for your favorite loved one born in April?  April birthstone jewelry is a lovely gift because these gems have the most spectacular.  These beauties are always a welcomed gift for those born in April!  Celebrate April birthdays with the gift of April birthstone jewelry.  It is not only an eternal trend; it’s an expression of gratitude and a symbol of life’s most precious moments.  Please take a peek at our Diamond jewelry collection.

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Why Give April Birthstone Jewelry to Your favorite April baby?

  • For those born in the month of April, you are especially lucky! April birthstone jewelry is diamonds!
  • Diamond jewelry is the ultimate girls best friend. They make you feel like a goddess.
  • Diamonds always dazzle, the worst gem snob cannot resist.
  • Diamond’s piercing shine makes it beloved around the world.

About Diamonds - April Birthstone Jewelry

What is April's birthstone?

The birthstone for April is the timeless diamond. Considered one of the most precious gems in the world, the diamond is popular and forever stunning.

Can I wear my diamond jewelry every day?

Yes. Diamond is rated “excellent” for everyday wear.  First, avoid direct sunlight and exposure to heat.  Second, avoid contact with chemicals.  Finally,  gently scrub with a soft toothbrush and a solution of mild dish soap and warm water to clean.

How are diamonds formed?

Diamonds are formed naturally in the earth's mantle under conditions of extreme temperature and pressure.  This is the critical temperature and pressure needed for natural diamond formation and stability. The carbon atoms then bond together under the extreme environment, creating a diamond.

How are lab diamonds created?

So what are they? Simply put, they are diamonds grown in a lab. These labs use cutting-edge technology to replicate the natural processes that create diamonds found in the earth. The end result is a lab-created diamond that is the same as a mined diamond chemically, physically, and optically.

What does a diamond mean spiritually?

Believing the illumination and reflection of a diamond will inspire imagination and ingenuity in its wearer, they also bring about strength, fortitude and courage through a diamond's hardness and 'invincibility' having the power to drive away bad energy or fortune.

Why give April birthstone jewelry?

  1.  It's meaningful.  April birthstone jewelry marks the most exciting time in life – your birthday and that of those you love. 
  2. It goes with EVERYTHING. 
  3. It's easy - no guessing - SHE WILL LOVE IT! 
  4. It comes beautifully packaged - no wrapping necessary.