Get Your Fiery Friend the Perfect Present With This Aries Gift Guide.

Jewelry buying is hard, y’all, and if you’ve got a friend born between March 21 and April 19. , you’re shopping for Aries jewelry, which is a whole different task. Whether it’s a birthday present, holiday gift, or just-because treat, you want to get it right. These rams are bold, passionate leaders who love bright colors and eye-grabbing patterns—no boring beige candles for them. But no need to panic—I’ve got you covered with these awesome gift ideas that are just perfect for the Aries in your life.

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  1. Amethyst Jewelry - Irritable? Mood swings? Aries, babe, you need some amethyst in your life. This stone is about dispelling anger and stress and helping you find your balance so that you can keep working hard and achieve all your goals worry-free.
  2. Citrine Jewelry Jewelry is an excellent gem for Aries because it’s all about healing and positive energy. Aries are driven and want to succeed, so having a little citrine on hand can help them attract success and wealth into their lives. Citrine helps to strengthen one’s intellect and grants Aries the creative energy necessary to thrive.
  3. Aquamarine Jewelry - Aquamarine is a beautiful stone, but especially for Aries. This gentle stone helps to clear the mind, relieve stress and encourage peace—ideal for bringing fiery Aries back down to earth when they lose their temper. Aries aren’t great at going with the flow, but with a bit of aquamarine on standby, they can learn to be flexible in their endeavors.