Scorpios are the mad, bad, and dangerous-to-know sign of the zodiac.  We are ALL a lil scared of the powerful, fearless scorpion.  Scorpios are brave and fearless, curious, and creative, and they are dutifully determined in every task they take to hand. They are loyal friends and their bravery means that they don’t hesitate to leap into action when it comes to problem-solving.

Scorpio is a water sign, which means these bbs are intense, intuitive, a little bit psychic, and emotional. This sign is ruled by two planets: Mars and Pluto. Mars brings them incredible power, strength, courage, and ambition. Scorpios know what they want, have total belief in their ability to achieve it, and won’t let anyone get in their way. Pluto brings them a true interest and connection with the underbelly of human nature, life and death, the occult, the mysterious, the unknown.

These gems, will help Scorpios speak their truth and express themselves, relax and let their guard down, and get more in touch with their wonderful intuition. Scorpio, let these gems glow up your life!


It’s a balancing, calming, harmonizing gemstone that boosts good humor, positivity, and peace.


Diamond is the MVP of the gemstone world. It enhances the self-esteem and confidence of the wearer, helping you radiate self-worth and attract success. Try wearing one on the left-hand side for luck.


Ruby’s red glow enhances physical confidence, spontaneity, vitality, and sexual energy. It will get your blood pumping and your heart racing, like a cosmic aphrodisiac. It creates a sexual chemistry you can literally use to make magic, and sex = life for Scorpios.


Ever enticing you to go with the flow, the watery energy of Aquamarine matches the overlooked element of all those Scorpios out there. Aquamarine brings lightness and good vibes, easygoing energy, a softer sense of communication, and the surging movement of the wild blue sea - not to mention it's a lucky stone to boot. For the Scorpio that tends to be a little more serious than some of the other star signs, Aquamarine entices you to let go and journey with the flow. 


Opal is all milk and pearls and the perfect gemstone for bringing healing feminine energy, good luck, and strong psychic connections.


Twinkling Peridot is a bringer of light and opener of the heart. This gorgeous green stone oozes warmth and wonder and is an incredible gem for helping Scorpios learn to let go. With emotional wealth, Peridot also lends an expert hand in helping temper those big mood swings and feelings of overwhelm and keeping Scorpios from settling too deep in the darkness. Peridot also complements the Scorpios natural affinity to hone in on a task as it perfects focus and feeds that natural determination that helps Scorpios stand out.


Splashed in sunshine and soaked in feel-good vibes, Citrine is the brightest stone out there. Perfect for picking Scorpios up and sending them to a place of powerful positivity, the Citrine stone is as sharp as a lemon and laced in the sweetness of pure summer vibes. This shimmering warm stone helps Scorpios to get to work on clearing out the solar plexus chakra, raising that energy and confidence bar, and making sure that you exit the underground to stand in the sun. 

Final thoughts on Scorpio Gems

There is so much energy and wonder to adore when it comes to all those Scorpios out there. Who couldn’t fall hard for a brave warrior with a secretive side and a loyal and determined nature? Yet with all this charging wonder, the Scorpio can stretch themselves thin or let their emotions rule the roost. There are not many filters for those ruminating thoughts that can get a Scorpio into emotional trouble. By choosing these stones, Scorpios can breathe a sigh of relief and let the healing nature of balance, beauty, and the essence of light and dark lead them out of the woods.

Are you entangled with a Scorpio or are you a Scorpio who struggles to move away from your shadow side? Share all your Scorpio experiences with us in the comments.