Alexandrite jewelry has the most spectacular color change of any gemstone.  These beauties are always a welcomed gift for those born in June! 

The Fascinating Gemstone That Changes Color

What is Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is a rare and valuable gemstone that displays a unique color-changing effect. The stone usually appears green in daylight and red in incandescent light. It is known for its rare color-change ability, making it one of the most sought-after gemstones on the market.

The Magical Properties of Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a highly sought-after gemstone for its unique properties. It changes color when exposed to different light sources, ranging from a vibrant green in natural light to a deep red when exposed to artificial light. This color-changing ability has been said to bring balance and harmony to its wearer, making it the perfect gemstone to bring luck and success.

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Why Give Alexandrite to Your favorite June baby?

  • Alexandrite jewelry is stunning. They make you feel like a goddess.
  • Alexandrite always dazzle, the worst gem snob cannot resist.
  • Alexandrite’s color change properties makes it beloved around the world.
  • Celebrate June birthdays with the gift of June birthstone jewelry.

About Alexandrite

Can I wear my alexandrite jewelry everyday?

Alexandrite is an 8.5 hardness on the Mohs Hardness Scale, and is a great stone for everyday wear.

How is alexandrite formed?

Alexandrite’s formation is an incredibly rare phenomenon. The gemstone is the color changing variety of the chrysoberyl mineral. Alexandrite will only form when aluminum and beryllium combine with elements of iron, titanium and most importantly, chromium. Chromium causes the color of alexandrite to shift with light. During the daylight, alexandrite will shimmer with hues of green and purple in lamp light. Chromium’s rarity makes alexandrite one of the most valuable gemstones.

What does alexandrite mean spiritually?

Since the discovery of alexandrite, the gemstone has been thought to bring luck, good fortune, and love. In Russia, it is considered to be a stone of very good omen. It is believed to bring balance in the interaction between the physical manifest world and the unmanifest spiritual, or astral world.

Why give alexandrite jewelry?

  1.  It’s meaningful.  June birthstone jewelry marks the most exciting time in life – your birthday and that of those you love. 
  2. It goes with EVERYTHING. 
  3. It’s easy – no guessing – SHE WILL LOVE IT! 
  4. It comes beautifully packaged – no wrapping necessary.

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