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Alexandrite Jewelry

June birthstone: alexandrite jewelry

When you are shopping for alexandrite jewelry, the most important value factors to consider are the quality of the gemstone and the strength of its color change. The purest forms of alexandrite possess beautiful color-changing properties varying with different sources of light. In daylight, the stone turns shades of emerald and sea green. When lit by candles, lamps, and other incandescent lights, the gems take on a vivid red, violet, or purple hue.

A truly remarkable gemstone, Alexandrite jewelry transforms from a striking teal reminiscent of a Caribbean ocean to a fascinating magenta in incandescent light. Alexandrite is well known for displaying one of the most remarkable color changes in the gem world — outside in daylight, it is a serene bluish-green. Inside in lamplight, it is a red gem, with a warm raspberry tone.

Why is alexandrite so expensive?
Most quality Alexandrite gemstones are not readily available anywhere. We use lab-created alexandrite in our designs to ensure maximum color change while keeping prices somewhat attainable. Natural alexandrite is tremendously rare, so we use only lab-created alexandrites in our jewelry to keep it affordable for you to wear this stunning stone. They are physically identical to their natural counterparts, with deeper, more saturated colors, and a more dramatic color change!

Alexandrite is June’s birthstone and the 55th-anniversary gem.

An eye-catching, gorgeous gemstone and a rare form of the gem chrysoberyl, alexandrite’s discovery traces back to 1830 in Russia’s Ural Mountains. The gemstone was discovered on Alexander II’s 16th birthday and was thusly named after the future Czar. The gemstone’s red and green hues mirrored those of the Imperial Russian flag, greatly enhancing its popularity throughout the empire, and for centuries to follow. Finnish mineralogist Nils Gustaf Nordenshold’s new discovery was widely believed to bring good luck and fortune to its bearer.

Alexandrite is a very tough and durable gem, perfect for everyday wear. It can be cleaned with warm, soapy water.