How to buy aquamarine jewelry.

March has arrives and with it, the spot light shines on a new gemstone, aquamarine.

Thankfully, Aquamarine is one of the most popular gemstones; it’s pale blue color makes it one of the most desirable and wearable stones. Light and airy aquamarine jewelry goes with everything, and flatters any complexion hence everyone adores aquamarine jewelry!  So do not sweat it, aquamarine is usually a home run, easy,  hero-making gift.  The best part;  aquamarine jewelry can suit any budget.  You can surround it with diamonds and gold for a big gift or go for raw aquamarine stones and sterling for a less spendy option.

We rounded up our favourite aquamarine and crystals themed picks this month to celebrate the special March birthday girl in your life. They make for the perfect gift for the Pieces and Aries in your life (or let’s be honest, yourself), enjoy the edit!

aquamarine necklace in gold by erin gallagher

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elsa style March birthstone necklace in aquamarine and gold-fill by Erin Gallagher

How to Style Aquamarine Jewelry

  • For a sophisticated look pair your Aquamarine jewelry with darker gemstones like black pearl and rutilated quartz.  Amp up the rocker vibe with an oxidized sterling silver chain – the black chain puts a funky fresh spin on your aquamarine jewelry.
  • If you’re going for every-day aquamarine jewelry.  Try only using aquamarine on gold, or consider using champagne citrine or smokey topaz gemstones as accents.
  • Aquamarine jewelry is an easy way to go for the layered look.  Go Bohemian chic and layer a simple aquamarine pendant among your favorite chains.